Early Signs of Pregnancy

It is the one question that can keep any woman awake at night; Am I or am I not pregnant? If you are trying to get pregnant or worried that you might be, learning the early signs of pregnancy will provide you with a great reference base to either boost your excitement or calm your fears.

There Are Three Little Signs That Can Deliver Big News
The first sign of pregnancy is generally a missed period. If you are pregnant, you will not experience your monthly menstrual cycle during the entire time of pregnancy. However, a missed period does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant; it could be absent because of an excessive weight gain or weight loss. Your body could be run down and overwhelmed with fatigue; its absence could also be a result of your body being overstressed and tension. Hormonal changes such as those with breast-feeding an infant or having recently gone off of the birth control can also disrupt a woman’s monthly cycle.

Morning sickness is one sign of pregnancy that no one wants to get, regardless; nausea and vomiting combined could be a sign of pregnancy. However, they can also be a sign of stress, the flu, food poisoning or any other type of stomach bug. So just because you wake up sick and vomit, don’t make the jump to pregnancy until you are sure. It should be noted though, if you are pregnant, this unpleasant side effect could last from two-twelve weeks.
Some women suffer from tender or swollen breasts almost immediately upon conception. This can be an early sign of pregnancy, especially for women that suffer from an irregular monthly cycle. Although, for many women, their breasts are tender and sore at the onset of their monthly cycle, so it really depends on your own menstrual history that will reveal if breast tenderness is an uncommon sign for you.

Just One Little Test With Big Results

When thinking about the many different signs of pregnancy, a thought that can raise blood pressure and increase heart rates. It is truly focused on the possibility of a tiny life that could or could not be growing inside of your womb. If you are in this position, wondering and waiting, the best way to find out is to take a home pregnancy test. These are relatively inexpensive and are available at most drug stores and pharmacies. They are a simple test you can take privately in any bathroom. If this type of a test is not accurate enough for your taste, visit you family doctor or local pregnancy center and take a urine test, these are almost always 100% accurate.

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